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Grace Surpasses

Grace Surpasses is a story about perseverance in a country where peace is an ancient relic and hope is a dangerous luxury. In Southern Sudan, Grace's family lives in constant fear of violence. With nowhere to hide, each new day brings the potential for danger. By focusing on the experiences of one child, we get a glimpse into the day-to-day realities of life in Southern Sudan, where the absence of clean drinking water, public health, and a consistent food supply make even the most basic necessities of life a constant struggle. Despite the hardship, Grace and her family manage to thrive in the face adversity – until a personal tragedy threatens to destroy Grace’s hope.

Goals for Grace Surpasses

The goal for Grace Surpasses, and any Nadus Films project is raise awareness by using film and see lives changed on the ground in where we filmed. We desire our films to invoke action in the viewers. To do this, we’re seeking distribution, submitting to dozens of film festivals and touring with a band that will play the score to the film in front of an audience with the film being projected. We will be able to not only raise awareness through our work but also money to help impact lives on the ground via our partners. Our model of raising money is through distribution, ticket sales at live performances, merchandise sales & donations. It is through our efforts and the money from donors/producers that we will be able to continue the success of Nadus Films!


Currently this film is in post production. A list of film festival screenings is coming soon.

Estimated to be between 45-60 minutes in length
Type of Film:
Docu-Drama shot on location in Southern Sudan. Grace Surpasses will be a ground breaking film that accentuates the score and emotion within the film. The film and score will compliment one another, even more so then your average film. This allows the band tour with the project to be even more powerful when performing this live mixed media event. Imagine a live performance of a screening of the film Grace Surpasses where a large screen plays the HD film and a live band plays the score to the film in sync to all the drama and action! We believe this film will not only do well at film festivals and through DVD sales/other types of distribution, but also garner a lot of attention due to the powerful display of a live performance throughout the country!
Southern Sudan
Indigenous Sudanese
To tell a story based on actual events that will raise awareness on the plight of the Sudanese and as a result, help rebuild this war-torn country through established ground partnerships in Southern Sudan.
Mission Statement:
Making films that make a difference.

Distributors and Bands Needed

Grace Surpasses is being built and packaged in a way where approved bands could have the opportunity to tour with the film. We believe a live performance of Grace Surpasses will be an extremely powerful opportunity to display the quality of the film and score to this project. With that said, we’re desiring to find bands who would adopt this project under Nadus Films and tour with it and perform the score in their own genre. Currently, the band Interstates will be touring the project locally, so the title of the set would be “Interstates performs Grace Surpasses”. If you have an established band and would like to inquire about partnering with Nadus Films in this format contact us.